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Shawn Garrone is a Musician  that specializes in Woodwind Instruments. He uses these as his tool to create the Instrumental Covers that he is generally known for. Shawn has been developing the skillset of recording these instruments in a studio setting. The Oboe, Shawn's Primary instrument, is widely unknown to the public, so this results in Shawn's community being pretty niche. Most songs Shawn arranges himself, and he and his team 👨‍💻 (one other person 👩‍💻 ) work day 🌇 and night 🌃 to keep the videos coming consistently. 

Woodwind instruments can also have a "Voice" 🎙 and it needs to be heard.


Shawn Garrone

YouTuber 📺 | Recording Artist 🎛

Shawn specializes in performing with instruments from the Woodwind family. Including Oboe, English Horn, Saxophone, 🎷 and Clarinet. 
Shawn graduated in Spring 2020 with a Bachelors in Music Education.  
As a Youtube Musician, 🎧 Shawn Garrone is working towards establishing a standard sound for Oboe in Anime and Pop Music Covers. 🎚
Shawn is the face of ShawnGarroneMusic 🎶 and is fully in charge of song choices, arrangements, performances, and studio recordings. 🎙

Vivian Lam

Recording Assistant 🎥 | Visual Artist 🖼 |  Online Music Teacher 👩‍🏫🎻 | Female Website Model 👚

Vivian Lam is Shawn's Colleague and Best friend. While the channel 📺 is called ShawnGarroneMusic, the channel would not function without Vivian working behind the scenes. 🎬
Vivian Lam is in charge of all visual aspects of ShawnGarroneMusic. All photos 📸 taken for ShawnGarroneMusic are credited to Vivian, as well as the visual set design, 🖼 makeup behind every video, 💄 and the website. 🌐
Lam is violinist who has experienced teaching all ages. She is currently has a Bachelors in Music degree from Rowan University, which was completed under 3 years. 👩‍🎓
One day, she hopes to use her skills to open up to a new light of music. 🌟

SGM Merchandise

All of our products are hand-printed 🙌 by Shawn and Vivian themselves. This merchandise production 🤖 allowed them to keep prices low 💰😄 without the need of 3rd Party companys taking a cut. Every single Item sent out is checked closely in order to ensure a quality purchase. 🎁

All proceeds will be invested back into the channel 📺 in order to improve audio/video quality 📹 with better equipment/software, 🎛 to purchase instruments 🎹 to be used with the channel, 📺 or to help in hiring arrangers/composers 🎶 to write new content for ShawnGarroneMusic.


Hello Everyone! 🤗 My name is Vivian and I work behind the scenes 🎬  for ShawnGarroneMusic! 🎶 Our team have been working very hard to build our channel 📺 and I wanted to contribute as much as possible during this time. ⏱ So I have decided to re-sell some of my wardrobe 👚 in hope that they will get a wonderful new home~! 🏠
❗️>>>Pending Descriptions<<< ❗️
💎 All proceed will go to ShawnGarroneMusic! 💎