About Us

SGM(ShawnGarroneMusic) is a brand that connects fandoms between anime, film, gaming, and K-pop, to the instrumental music performance. Featuring songs from these genres, watch Shawn(Woodwinds) and Vivian(Strings) perform your favorite songs! Shawn Garrone is a Professional Musician in the New Jersey/Philadelphia Area specializing in Woodwinds. From the start of becoming a musician, Shawn has always been trying to integrate his music into the media he liked. 3 days after starting the Oboe(which he started at 17 years old), he performed a talent show with music from Angel Beats! Now that Shawn is finishing his degree at Rowan University for Music Education, he finally has the playing chops to go back to his original path of becoming a youtube musician for Anime music. SGM includes a Youtube Channel, Facebook Page, Instagram page, as well as an official website which houses their Merch store featuring clothing as well as providing Online Music Lessons Taught by Shawn and his close friends. SGM connects acquired knowledge from learning classical music, with more popular genres of music from the entertainment industry.