Shawn Garrone

Shawn can be considered a "late bloomer" when it comes to his emerging talent as a Youtube Musician. His involvement with music starts in 10th Grade, where he had decided to join the HS Marching Band with no prior experience. He discovered then that he had a talent for picking up music quickly. His senior year of college he decided to pick up the Oboe, and found immediate success with it, being accepted to many Colleges and University's for Oboe Performance with scholarship. Many things happened and due to some miscommunications on the Staff-end Shawn ended up having his scholarships cancelled and had to drop out before his first year of college began.


Without many options left, Shawn went to Community College for Chemistry. During this time he learned much about Theatre Arts tech, and Music Studio recording. And tried to be a Youtube-Musician. However, on his own and without much music-experience this venture was not that successful. Shawn slowly fell out of the music he once loved so dearly. However, one day a Woman approached him and had him volunteer at a local Christian School where he met a certain girl he taught the Oboe. As he taught her, he realized all of the things he was saying in the lessons, he needed to also follow. This got him back into music, and after 2 years of College as a Chemistry major, he decided to Major in Music, restarting at a 4-year college as a freshman.


During this time he did not do Youtube as much(except for the Canon in D and Full Metal Alchemist Covers), but practiced really hard to learn his instrument. During this time he became very-much classically focused, planning on practicing until he got a job at a major orchestra as an oboist. He had attended over 30 performances of the Philadelphia Orchestra, as well as many recitals at the Curtis Institute of Music. He played as Principal Oboist for his University's Orchestra and Wind Ensemble. In addition to this he played with many Orchestras and Wind Ensembles in the Philadelphia-New Jersey area. Performing in both the Kimmel Center, and Carnegie hall during this time. He had even put on a recital his junior year featuring all "Double Concertos". During this time his "Thousand Years" Oboe cover had become moderately popular without him noticing

The summer before his senior year of college is the major turning point in his life that led him to the route he is on now of becoming a full-fledged Youtube Musician. He had attended a Classical Music Festival in California. This meaning a 3-week orchestra program where many young professional musicians from all over the world collaborated. During this time, Shawn met many classical musicians further along in their career than him, and he saw what would become of him if he stayed on his current track. After many different experiences during these 3 weeks that entirely changed his outlook and personality regarding music. Shawn had decided that he would invest his time, energy, and money into his own platform, and then use it to help people, rather than using his playing to help platforms of others for little in return.

For the remainder of that Summer 2019, Shawn and his colleague, Vivian Lam, then started the comedy Youtube Channel "S&V Adventures" which they worked on together for the entire summer. They had a great time and got a decent reception/following from it. The experiences they have had during this time were essential for restarting the ShawnGarroneMusic Youtube Channel in September 2019. Shawn is now putting his full focus into improving his playing in order to perform the music from Anime, Video Games, Film, etc. As well as help others learn to play this music as well.