Oboe Lessons
Oboe Lessons
Oboe Lessons
Oboe Lessons

Oboe Lessons

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 The Oboe is Shawn's primary instrument. During his time in Undergrad, Oboe was his Major instrument. Lessons with Shawn will generally be conducted on a classical music track, however students are allowed to choose the "Genre" of their lesson. This allows Shawn to get a better idea of what type of music the student would like to learn. 

Shawn has had the opportunity to perform with the Oboe in both The Kimmel Center(Philadelphia), and Carnegie Hall(New York). 

Only 3 months into learning the Oboe, Shawn decided to buy his own for college.

Shawn plays on a 1970 Laubin # 1067. He is very fortunate that the previous owner only lightly played the instrument. So when Shawn received this instrument his senior year (spent his entire college savings for it, quite a risk!), it was akin to a brand-new 1970 Laubin. 



Rubank Series(Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced I & II) 

Geckeler Book

Vade Mecum

Barret Book 40 Progressive Melodies

Voxman Selected Duets 


Everybody's Favorite Oboe Solos - Jay Arnold